Thank You, Enjoy!

Thank You, Enjoy!

We're so glad to have you - together, we can build a more equitable and sustainable global digital health.

With the Hippogram, Bart de Witte shares weekly his knowledge and insights about building a more equitable and sustainable global digital health. He has been part of the health technology community and industry for more than 20 years as a social entrepreneur. In that time, the evolution of technologies changed the face of healthcare, business models and culture in many inspiring but unexpected ways.‌‌

Sharing knowledge is also what our Hippo AI Foundation, named after Hippocrates, focuses on, and it is an essential part of a modern Hippocratic oath. Know-How will increasingly result from the data we produce, so it's crucial to share it in our digital health systems.

You can help with our mission and share knowledge as well - share the sign-up link at least with one person, or share it across your favourite social network.

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Feedback from our readers

👍 "Very cool style, expecially the "Bart thinks" section. Also the article on "Does Open Data Lead To Open-source AI And Fewer Power Asymmetries?" hit a recent discussion we are having on exactly the same issue. We might reach out to you. Cheer."

👍 "The newsletter is very inspiring and positive - nice to hear some positive news for a change. It was really great to read about all the positive cases and plans in open-source medical data. I forwarded the newsletter to a list of people."

👍 "you guys are awesome"

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We want to empower people like you to take action against global inequalities in healthcare. Therefore we're working against the privatisation of medical knowledge and for medical data and AI to become a common good. This is why we created the "My Boobs are not for Sale" design. In the end, it all starts with every one of us taking a stand and showing what we stand for.